About Me

Hi! I’m Jessica. Thanks for stopping by.

I’m a #boymom of three wild, hilarious, lovable sons, Winston, Hudson and Sebastien, wife, woman and momtrepreneur.  I believe food is as much about pleasure as healing, and can be beautiful, delicious and nutrient dense.  

I used food to heal my own body after years of neglect, abuse, and undiagnosed autoimmune disease.  Growing up, my aunt always had fresh nut milks and juices in her fridge, and I would try them when visiting her in the summers, but I did not think much of juicing then.  Later, in my years as a model, suffering from undiagnosed celiac disease, my abdomen would distend as I struggled to keep weight on, another model suggested I try colonics.  The colonic was okay, but Julio, the hydro-therapist, a life saver!  He told me to steer clear of grains, and do a juice cleanse, now, everyone would say, obviously, but this was in the early 2000s!  A three day cleanse, and all my bloating and swelling was gone, and I had more energy than I’d had in years. I was hooked, and so began my decent down the rabbit hole of wellness.

When pregnant with my eldest, I was officially diagnosed with celiac disease, but I was determined to continue eating my favorite foods, I would simply modify it to my needs.  My own path to self improvement led to my private chef-ing for busy New Yorkers. There wasn’t enough time in the day to fuel everyone I wanted, so in 2013 opened Boom Juice, in my home town of Dallas, TX.  Business was booming and in 2016 I became owner and executive chef of Be Raw, a good vibes space where locals can eat, drink and share in fresh farm to table organic foods rich in adaptogens, superfoods, Boom juices & love. 

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