babies and beaches

I’ve been MIA, but with reason! I have been too pooped to poop.  Between chasing Winston all over Manhattan, up and down 4 flights of stairs to growing a little human, I am so very tired! I’m using all the superfoods and throwing them in my smoothie, but I’m still waiting for that 2nd trimester burst of energy to hit. avocados all day every day for insta-energy. all the blood flow… its gone to my uterus… brain can’t compute… baby taking every last nutrient… feed me! feed me!

23 weeks from the front

23 weeks from the right – baby is hanging out on this side

23 weeks from the left – baby is cozied up on the other side


We went to Ogunquit Maine for some much needed R&R, and found a cute little bed and breakfast with a salt water pool! the perfect place to test out the water proof-ness of our new little camera!

Seriously, this kid is part Polar Bear

under water cuddles

jumped in over and over, the joy on his face! so grateful to have technology like this to capture the pure ecstasy on Winston’s face 🙂

yes! there’s a beach too! In fact, it has one of the best beaches for small kids, ever, in the entire world – there’s a massive sand bank, so when the tide is out it’s sand for days, when the tide is in, there’s basically no beach, but the water is shallow and very gradually gets deeper.  There are little pools in the sand during low tide, so the kids can play in the ocean without the parents having to panic about currents and tides.

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