cheery cherry nice cream

Cheery Cherry Nice Cream 🍒 🍒

Easy as pie – easier actually!  This is GUILT FREE ice cream guys! 100% vegan, plant based, nutrient dense, loaded with potassium, plus tart cherries have melatonin which helps you sleep! You kind of HAVE to have some cheery cherry ice cream for dessert when you think about it, it is literally for the benefit of your health 🙂

My kids beg for this all day, and as long as we have the ingredients on hand, why not? Ice cream for breakfast!  It’s basically a smoothie… an uber thick smoothie.

4 frozen bananas 🍌
1 lb frozen tart cherries 🍒
1 tsp vanilla (optional)
4 dates (optional)

throw it all in a food processor, and puree smooth.  that’s it!  told you it was easier than pie!

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