Happy Birthday to Me

Hi-yo! I’m 27 today… still a baby, I know, I know… forever 24? As long as I LOOK younger than I am, I’m fine… I’m just worried I’ll suddenly start aging like vinegar! yuck!

Davio LOVES cinnamon buns, and I’m not gonna lie, I’m a huge fan of the gooey goodness too… but, I don’t need my husband to weigh 300lbs and die in a decade, so… in keeping it healthy, I’ve come up with the most bomb-tastic “substitute” for the awesomeness we all know and love as a cinnamon bun… without sacrificing flavor!

sticky? check!
gooey? check!
cinnamon-y sweet? check!
tasty delicious? check!
healthy? check!!!

for the win: cinnamon buns! seriously, these babies are worth their weight in gold – and being made up of nuts and seeds, they’re heavy little suckers!

now, it’s not the prettiest to look at, sure, but it gets scarfed down so fast, you don’t have to look at it for long!

For the bun: walnuts, almonds, flaxseed, dates, cinnamon, maple syrup, water, coconut oil

For the icing: coconut meat, pine nuts, maple syrup and vanilla. you can’t see bc of the icing, but it has the proper icing swirls from where it was rolled too!

I’ll figure out the exact proportions and put down a legit recipe sooner or later… I might make a couple of tweaks… or not. it is delicious!

Most importantly: Winston approved! To be fair, this kid eats everything, but he ALSO eats a healthy cinnamon bun! so yay!

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