The Salted Caramels that Blew Guy Fieri Away


These deliciously nutritious gooey caramels blew the judges, and Guy Fieri himself, away.  I have a serious sweet tooth, and these caramels hit the spot. The best part? They’re not only gluten free (obviously), but dairy & refined sugar free too! All of the sweetness comes from heart & gut healthy dates! *happy dance*


2 cups cashews (soaked makes easier blending and activated enzymes for easier digestion, but unsoaked gives a longer fridge life – in case you are making before you leave town, because i have no self control for these babies!!!)

3 cups medjool dates, pitted and chopped

medium grind sea salt (to taste – i use about 1 TB and like like flour de sel and himalayan, but any SEA salt will do)


chocolate sauce

1 cup cashews

1/2 cup cacao

1/2 cup medjool dates, soaked in 1/2 cup water (save the date soaking water to use in recipe!!!)

1 tsp vanilla

1/2 tsp almond extract

pinch cinnamon (optional, but strongly recommended)

pinch cayenne (optional, but strongly recommended)

dried lavender

dried rose petals, chopped


to make the caramels

grind cashews in food processor, or vitamix, about 2-3 min until it starts to nut butter and release the oils, slowly add in the chopped dates while food processor is going. let run 3-5 more minutes until resembles gooey caramel

line a small 1/4 sheet baking tray/pan with plastic wrap, spread caramel mixture evenly into pan. sprinkle generously with sea salt.

roll lavender in between hands (like warming hands up in front of a fire), this releases the oils, and makes the lavender more fragrant, sprinkle over the top of the caramel tray. repeat with chopped rose petals

cover with plastic wrap and gently pat flowers and salt into caramel

place in freezer to firm up, about 45 min (unless you have a blast freezer, then it will take around 15 min)


to make the chocolate sauce

blend all ingredients for chocolate sauce together, it will be thick, put in a piping bag, or a plastic baggie, and snip the corner off to use to decorate caramels

zig zag chocolate sauce across top of caramel tray.

cut into 1” cubes, drizzle with more chocolate sauce/flowers if desired and serve. keeps in 3-5 days using soaked cashews, 2 weeks using unsoaked).


Don’t forget to check out the episode – Season 13, Episode 2, of Guy’s Grocery Games on Food Network.  And catch me AGAIN on Season 18, Episode 14

2 thoughts on “The Salted Caramels that Blew Guy Fieri Away

  1. Thanks for sharing the recipe Jessica. New to the whole foods lifestyle. Better late than never….we’re 60 and still healthy!

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